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Delaware County Democratic Party of Ohio
Moving Ohio Forward
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Upcoming Events
Democratic Debate Watch Party
Feb 11, 2016
Phone Bank
Feb 16, 2016
February Trivia Frenzy
Feb 17, 2016
The Bogey Inn 6013 Glick Rd Powell, OH 43065
Central Committee Meeting
Feb 18, 2016
Democratic Party HQ 12 1/2 North Sandusky St. Delaware, Ohio 43015
Phone Bank
Feb 23, 2016
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Ohio Democratic Party
State Senator
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Paid for by the Delaware County Democratic Party:: John Schmarr, Treasurer:: P.O. Box 872, Delaware, Ohio 43015 

Important Links
Delaware County Board of Elections
Affordable Health Care Act (aka: Obamacare)
Democratic Voices
Ohio Secretary of State
Delaware County Visitors Center
Franklin County Democratic Party
American Values First!
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Delaware County Phone Bank

Every Tuesday evening we will be hosting a phonebank from 5-8pm. We will be calling fellow Democrats in Delaware County to inform them of upcoming events and volunteer opportunities in our community. If you can help please email Isaac at

Could You Represent Your Precinct?

We strive to have representation from each of the 151 precincts covered by the Delaware County Ohio Democrats.  Currently about one third of those precincts have committee representatives.  The only requirements for the positions are living in the precinct, attending a minimum or 3-4 of our monthly meetings in a year, and an interest in participating.

Congratulations to Delegates!

On 5 January,  the 12th Congressional District Caucuses were held at the Delaware Area Career Center, North. At stake were 4 seats to be a delegate to the Democratic National Convention. Two seats are designated for women and 2 for men. Both the Clinton caucus and the Sanders caucus were held at the same location but in separate rooms.

Our Growth

Friends, The Delaware County Democratic Party has over 38,000 democratic voters in it, and growing! This is a tremendous growth from as recent as the year 2000. Since the millennium, about one out of every two people you meet in the street was not here in the year 2000.

Meet Our Local ODP Rep

Isaac Bacon is our Delaware County Field Organizer for the Ohio Democratic Party.  We will be working with Isaac to help advertise the events that he is coordinating.  In addition, you should feel free to contact him about how to get involved or with general questions about the State Party.

Isaac Bacon
Central Ohio Field Organizer
Ohio Democratic Party
(937) 553-1095

Register to vote..begins here!!
 Voter registration forms are available at, county board of elections and local libraries. If sent via U.S. mail, registration forms must be postmarked by February 16th to be considered valid. All 88 county boards of elections, including the Secretary of State’s office in downtown Columbus, will be open until 9:00 p.m. on February 16th to accept registration forms. 

Voters can also check their voter registration status, update their information and utilize the Online Change of Address System at All Ohioans are encouraged to confirm and update their registration on or before February 16th, particularly if a voter has not voted in a long time, changed their name or changed their residence.

Absentee Ballot....Vote Early!!!
Please help everyone vote by downloading and filling out an application for an absentee ballot.  click this link   Get your Absentee Ballot    Voting early may also help you not get so many robo calls because, well, you have already voted!  Vote early!
Action Center
Friends, We have started some excellent blogs...please log in to see them, and let us know your thoughts!
Progressive Talk Radio Streaming
There are at least two web sites where we can listen to Progressive Talk Radio 24/7.  One is WCPT (Chicago Progressive Talk) and another is TuneIn Radio where another 44 stations can be listened to.  WCPT is one of those 44 stations on TuneIn.  Links:  WCPT  and the other is  TuneIn Radio     Enjoy!!

Walking the Walk

This is about supporting our voice...about supporting the truth.  Please subscribe to Progressive Media..and if you think corporate America supports anything Progressive...forget about it.  It's up to you to keep our Democratic and Progressive friends broadcasting our principles, truths, morals and ideals.  Here is a list of some media resources that ought to have your financial support. 

The Progressive Populist

This is an excellent twice monthly newspaper delivered to your house or available via an electronic version (pdf).  The Progressive Populist has been around for 18 years and we are proud to be associated with them.  If you would like a free sample copy, e-mail your address to   Or, just click here for an order form.  Another option is to call 1-800-732-4992 and speak with subscriptions.

Democratic Voices

Finally! An issues based social media outlet for our Democratic Voices to be heard.  Read on (from them)...

Having returned from Arizona I'm often asked if I'm happy to be back in Ohio. The answer is an unequivocal yes, I'm home. After playing a supporting role in Sherrod Brown's reelection in 2012 my friend Jeff Rechenbach and I asked ourselves, how can we best contribute to strengthening and growing the Democratic party in Ohio. Our answer is Democratic Voices.

We are excited to share with you the friends and family launch of our online community, Democratic Voices. As you may know, we have been working toward this day for quite some time--- and we are now ready for you to join us.

Today, we would like you to be one of the first people to join our Democratic Voices community. You will be an integral part of shaping the future of our organization and our site.

At Democratic Voices we believe that today's public conversations are too often focused on political point-scoring which gets far more attention than problem-solving. People trying to do the right things for the right reasons get left out of the conversation. We created Democratic Voices to bring people back into the conversation. By sharing their stories with a broad audience, we hope to bring out humanity in politics.

Over the past year we travelled all over the state of Ohio capturing stories about people’s experiences and the values they hold, and turning those stories into original videos to be shared online. In addition to our own video production, we also collect other meaningful stories on the internet and share those with our Democratic Voices community. We invite you to take some time to check out our website and share these stories with your friends and family.

In the coming weeks we will be emailing you to get your feedback on our website, Twitter, Facebook, newsletter, and overall impression of our work. From your feedback, we will continue to develop content that is meaningful to you and your friends. We hope you are willing to engage in sharing positive and meaningful discourse to further promote our Democratic values. Thank you for supporting Democratic Voices as we enter into this very exciting new phase.


Don’t use social media? Sign up for our weekly newsletter.

With respect and thanks,

Denny Wojtanowski


Copyright © 2014 Democratic Voices, All rights reserved.

You are receiving this email because you expressed interest in Democratic Voices. Thank you!!

Our mailing address is:

Democratic Voices

580 N 4th St. Suite 500

Columbus, OH 43215

And...We'll list others as we have time, like the Nation, Huffington Post etc.  

Additional News & Action Items
Issue-Specific Discussion Groups Are Being Formed.
Please stop in DCD Headquarters, add your contact information to the appropriate sign-up sheets, if you wish to be involved (to any degree) with one of thediscussion groups that we hope to start up.    Please contact Jacob at for more info
You do NOT need to be an expert on the issue to be a part of a group.                  
The end goal of the group can be to bring together information about this issue, discuss the possibilities and impacts of future legislation, help create info documents for public distribution, plan events related to the issue, and help to share related information with the larger Delaware Democratic Party.               
The following issues have sign-up sheets available (listed in no particular order):
Voting Rights:  Ballot Box Access, Redistricting, Voter ID Requirements
Health Care:  Implementation and better understanding of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).
Women's Health:  Access to Health Services, Protection from legislative over-reach, Fighting disinformation, support of women's health organizations, support of the Violence Against Women Act
Equal Rights:  Unrestricted access to all provisions and rights of the Constitution to all peoples, regardless of sex, race, creed, or orientation.  Includes Marriage Equality.
The Environment:  Clean Air, Clean Water, Pollution, Alternative Energy, Climate Change, options like "Cap and Trade" and how they are being implemented in other parts of the world.
Worker’s Rights:  Fair Pay, Safe Working Conditions, Reasonable Hours, Job Security, the right to organize, promoting "Made in America" products, and the oncoming "Right to Work" bill.
Gun Control:  Understanding all the varied options of gun control.  Understanding the differences, and what politicians / parties / organizations are trying to accomplish.
Welfare:  Protections of the poor and working poor.  Unemployment benefits.  Under-Employment benefits.  Food Stamps.  SCHIP.  School lunches. 
Medicare / Social Security:  Better understanding these programs, their true costs, the benefits seen from them, and possible future changes
Immigration:  US Immigration Policy, the Dreamers, Defending the 14th Amendment
Public Services:   Public Schools, Parks, Privatization of Utilities, College Loans, Police, Firefighters, etc.
Taxation:  Understanding and sharing how the Progressive Tax System works.  Highlighting loopholes that should be removed.   Comparing the Progressive Tax System to alternatives such as a "Flat Tax".
Military / Foreign Policy:   Discussion of alliances, military action, intervention in foreign wars, effect on the military, the Veterans Administration             
*More groups will be added as needed, and some may be merged in the future.

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Important Links
Delaware County Board of Elections
Affordable Health Care Act (aka: Obamacare)
Democratic Voices
Ohio Secretary of State
Delaware County Visitors Center
Franklin County Democratic Party
American Values First!
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